Working with Government

By working together across the region and with government, we can achieve our shared ambitions: a successful open economy that works for everybody, prosperous and vibrant counties, cities and towns, productive and innovative businesses and infrastructure fit for the future.

Great South West is a partnership of all the key players - the private sector, local authorities, universities, MPs and LEPs. We have come together because:

  • there are some things that are better done at scale
  • there are shared challenges that we can tackle together
  • there are opportunities to promote what we do best across boundaries.

We build on existing initiatives from the private sector and media - the #backthesouthwest and Speed to the West campaigns and the South West Growth Charter. We are confident about our identity, our common priorities and, most of all, the benefits of working in partnership.

We seek endorsement for the ambitions of the Great South West. We would like to establish a joint task force between government, the APPG and GSW to ensure that obstacles to success are cleared away. We will need some targeted investment to deliver on our current and future priorities, including a trade and investment hub.

We make a vital contribution to the UK economy and our fresh approach to the challenges of the 21st century complements the Government’s priorities. Together this will create a greener more productive economy, driving up exports to new global markets and help to regenerate our coastal and rural communities. We will create new jobs, improve trade, provide clean growth and increase financial returns for UK plc.

We are at the leading edge of change and, with government as partners, we will design and build an economy that is smart, connected and green where no-one is left behind. It will help deliver a clean, modern national Industrial Strategy.


GSW Partnership

A clear governance and delivery structure is needed that will have the means, connections and leadership to deliver on our ambitions. It will also host a new hub for international trade and investment.

High level advocacy

A Minister and senior official with responsibility for the GSW area will ensure that our offer and ambitions are understood and supported right across government. We seek the chance to attract government agency relocations.

Living laboratory

We will create a test-bed for new ideas about a green economy, the future of work, and an ageing population. Working with government, businesses and universities, we will deliver, major pilot projects - at scale.