Our immediate priorities

There are many opportunities to shape and grow our economy. These are some of our initial priorities required to build for the future and which resonate with the Government’s priorities. In partnership, we will deliver our shared aims and unleash the productive power of this region.

Reap the rural dividend

Distance should not be a barrier to excellent businesses, yet our rural areas face access issues which hamper business productivity.

We need high-speed broadband and mobile connectivity across our dispersed settlements. We need to underpin the production, environment and exports achievements of agriculture and fishing. We seek a joint Rural Task Force with government, industry and rural communities.

Speed to the West

Considering the region’s geography, the 20 year under investment in transport across the GSW area has hampered our economy.

We urgently need to complete the strategic road and rail corridors into, and across, the Great South West, offering more choice and making the network more resilient. We need to make journeys faster, greener and more reliable - especially on public transport.

Pushing the boat out

Building on a history of maritime skills and innovation, we will galvanise businesses and research institutions around 700 miles of coast.

We need to support the partnership on autonomous marine systems - a rapidly growing global industry, expand the marine enterprise zone to encourage more R&D and increase trade and investment opportunities in marine technologies.

Inspiring destinations

The visitor economy plays a fundamental role across the GSW area and is a major feature of many of our rural and coastal communities.

A Tourism Zone will help us attract more visitors out of the main season, particularly from overseas, improve skill levels and productivity throughout the industry and help tourism businesses make best use of emerging technologies to enhance service quality.

 These priorities are supported by the #backthesouthwest campaign, a grass roots movement involving the business community and local media. In partnership with government and industry, we will address the connectivity issues that constrain businesses.