Where ideas and technology combine

First net zero region

We are on a mission to become the UK’s cleanest region and a net exporter of clean energy. Our expertise in clean technologies, science and research institutions, and world-class natural capital means we are powering forward on the journey to net zero. Rapid growth companies, private-public sector partnerships and international-level research and development ensures an array of exciting opportunities for investment, business and collaboration.

At the forefront of change

Getting connected

Faster digital connectivity is happening across the region. We also need more investment into road and rail networks, to make journeys faster, greener and more reliable. Growth must benefit all, which is why we are also working to bring ultrafast digital connectivity to our most hard-to-reach communities.

Pushing the boat out

With over 700 miles of coastline, the Great South West has a long history of marine and maritime innovation. As a globally-recognised centre of marine excellence, we are developing a variety of leading marine technologies and autonomous marine systems, encouraging investment, research and development to boost opportunities and growth, skills and jobs.

Invest in a green and blue future

Green futures

Our natural assets in geothermal, wave, tidal and wind offer unrivalled potential for renewable technologies. The region is in the vanguard of green technologies nationally, and we are accelerating that potential globally. Agritech pilots are transforming the food and drink sector, and much of the future of food production, agriculture and fishing is being shaped by internationally-recognised companies and institutions across the region.

Inspiring destinations

The visitor economy plays a fundamental role in the Great South West’s economy, and is a major feature of many of our rural and coastal communities. We are developing a Tourism Zone to attract more visitors out of the main season, improve skills and productivity, and help tourism businesses make best use of emerging technologies.

Working with Government

By working together across the region and with Government, we can achieve our shared ambitions. The Great South West is a partnership of all the key players - the private sector, local authorities, universities, MPs and Local Enterprise Partnerships. By establishing a joint task force with Government and the All-Party Parliamentary Group, chaired by Simon Jupp MP, we can ensure our offer and ambitions are understood and supported right across Government.