Securing our Future

Delivering on the UK’s security and net zero agenda

The Great South West has the huge potential to deliver the UK’s energy transformation, while securing our defence and energy supply, and delivering economic growth. And that work is already underway across the region.

Our strengths in marine, energy, technology, aerospace, environmental science, digital innovation, agriculture and defence are critical to delivering against net zero targets, increasing food and energy security, and helping the UK become the global leader in environmental science and innovation.

A world of enterprise and natural capital in abundance

The Great South West’s economy is worth almost £65 billion per year, exporting £12.75 billion of exports in goods and services every year. We are home to seven universities and over 128,000 businesses.

Natural assets in geothermal, wave, tidal and wind offer unrivalled potential for renewable technologies. The region is in the vanguard of green technologies nationally, and we are accelerating that potential globally.

Agritech pilots are transforming the food and drink sector, and much of the future of food production, agriculture and fishing is being shaped by internationally recognised companies and institutions across the region.

And with a third of the UK’s farms, producing £3 billion of food a year, the region is critical to delivering a secure, domestic food supply.

Home to the UK's Marine and Maritime Launchpad cluster, the Great South West has the country’s first Marine Enterprise Zone, and the largest naval base in Western Europe. A rich ecosystem of world-class defence research capabilities and businesses has developed over decades, alongside an emerging cluster of space and cyber security expertise. The Plymouth and South Freeport is a national hub for trade and investment, building on the region’s international capabilities in marine, defence and space.


Delivering the UK’s food security as the country’s farm and food producer


Fortifying the UK’s security as the country’s defence powerhouse


Powering the UK's energy security as the country’s clean energy powerhouse