The path to net zero with Treveth Holdings


By Tim Mulholland,  Managing Director of Treveth Holdings

Treveth Holdings is sponsoring the Great South West’s Pavilion at this year’s UKREiiF in Leeds this May. UKREiiF is the UK’s biggest investor event, and Great South West’s presence with a dedicated Pavilion aims to attract investment into the region.

Tim Mulholland is the Managing Director of Treveth Holdings, a B Corp-certified property development company owned by Cornwall Council. Since its inception in 2019, and supported by an experienced senior management team, he has been responsible for developing Treveth into a multi-faceted property company with over 100 homes under management, 420 in-build across three sites, and a pipeline of a further 700+ that will be delivered in the coming years. 

With over 35 years in the sector, his skills and expertise include real estate financing and due diligence, business planning, budgeting and contract negotiation, all at Director level.

How Treveth Holdings is delivering for the region 

Delivering high quality sustainable homes, workplaces and employment to local Cornish people, Treveth is playing a key role in shaping the future of Cornwall’s economic growth. Focused on accelerating the scale, range and number of ESG-focused low carbon infrastructure projects within its portfolio, Treveth plans to build 200-250 new homes for local residents and over 5000m2 of commercial developments in the county each year, which will provide:

  • Thriving and sustainable residential, mixed-use and commercial developments with enduring stewardship
  • Opportunities for job growth and company relocations or expansions
  • Inward investment opportunities that enhance Cornwall’s communities, places and long-term commercial strength

Trail-blazing a path to net zero in the South West, Treveth is creating a precedent with its focus on stakeholder engagement, and pioneering the development of its sustainable Design Guide. The company’s aim is set the standard for future development across the South West region. 

In addition to development, Treveth has taken a lead role in establishing an ‘Energy Transition Group’, alongside Cornwall Council and partners including Celtic Sea Power. As part of this, an investment strategy in is the very early stages of development to help to secure vital grid upgrades and to deliver on Cornwall’s strategic opportunities for floating offshore wind, deep and shallow geothermal power, biomethane production and tech metals extractions. Through this work Cornwall has every opportunity to become the first net zero region in the UK.