Great South West’s Clean Energy Leaders: inspiring innovation with Supergen ORE Hub

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The Great South West is set to become one of the leading providers of low carbon energy in the UK by 2035. Our region’s unique offer of clean energy projects – 535 operational or in development – could generate 11% of the UK’s electricity capacity, helping to deliver the country’s net zero ambitions. In this series, we’re highlighting the fantastic work of some of these projects.

The Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Hub led by the University of Plymouth, provides research leadership that connects academia, industry, policy and public stakeholders. The project inspires innovation and maximises societal value in offshore wind, wave and tidal energy.  Funded through the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the project brings together and stimulates synergistic, adventurous research that supports and accelerates the development of offshore wind, wave and tidal energy technologies for society’s benefit. 

How does Supergen ORE Hub’s work contribute to the UK’s net zero ambitions?

The Supergen ORE Hub is a key part of the UK’s net zero revolution, driving forward research to increase the scale and efficiency of offshore renewable energy devices and systems within the UK and internationally. 

Key contributions to net zero ambitions:

  • Currently, with over 13GW of installed offshore wind capacity, and ambitious targets to grow to 50GW, offshore renewable energy is poised to become the backbone of the UK’s net zero energy system.
  • The Hub is actively addressing new challenges in offshore renewable energy, including the move to more challenging locations, workforce development, supply chain mobilisation, and environmental sustainability.
  • The Hub promotes a transdisciplinary approach to research, fostering collaboration and effective solutions within the offshore renewable energy sector.

The Supergen ORE Hub aims to utilise existing and planned research outcomes to accelerate technology development, collaboration and industry uptake for the increased deployment of offshore renewable energy.

How does Supergen ORE Hub positively impact the local environment?

The Supergen ORE Hub goes beyond research and actively contributes to the well-being of the local environment. The Hub’s core research themes include an ecological focus, assessing the environmental impact of offshore renewable energy on the marine environment. The Hub also assists offshore renewable energy sites in assessing environmental suitability and monitoring marine environmental impact, thus supporting sustainable development.

What’s next for Supergen Ore Hub?

The future of the Supergen ORE Hub is marked by ambitious plans and continued dedication to advancing offshore renewable energy technologies. The Hub has recently been awarded a further £7.9 million by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, part of a larger £53 million investment by UK Research and Innovation, to further accelerate offshore renewable energy technologies.

This funding enables the Hub to solidify its work and maintain the UK’s position at the forefront of clean energy innovation.

Professor Deborah Greaves OBE FREng FICE FRINA, Director of the Supergen ORE Hub, said: “This new investment in the Supergen ORE Hub highlights the important role a thriving offshore renewable sector needs to play as part of the UK’s clean energy mix. And it could not have come at a more critical time, with a predicted growth of floating offshore wind technology in the Celtic Sea and Scotland among many imminent innovations. Both the University of Plymouth and the Supergen ORE Hub have been instrumental in uniting researchers, industry and policymakers behind the common goal of creating a sustainable and secure offshore renewable energy sector. That sort of continued collaboration will be essential if we are to ensure our innovation leads to positive and lasting environmental, economic and social impact”.

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