The Great South West Partnership is governed to ensure that it:

  • Identifies and appropriately takes into account the views of other stakeholders
  • Makes effective use of the resources available to it and accounts appropriately for that
    use, as set out in the Accountable Body Agreement
  • Is accountable for its performance, through clear decision-making by the Board and regular monitoring of progress, and the submission of quarterly monitoring reports
  • Adheres to the Seven Principles of Public Life

Partnership Board

The Partnership Board ensures overall responsibility for the governance of the Great South West Partnership and delivery of its purpose. The Board meets at least quarterly, and is made up of an Independent Chair, Local Enterprise Partnerships, Upper-tier Local Authorities, Universities, and local Business Representatives.

Officer Group

The Board is supported by an officer group, which delivers the operational management of the Partnership’s work plan. The officer group is made up of an Executive Lead, Local Enterprise Partnerships, Local Authority representatives, University representatives, and Government officials.

Accountable Body

Cornwall Council is the accountable body for the Partnership, responsible for the proper administration and financial probity of funds, overseeing any compliance requirements, and maintaining the Governance and Assurance Framework.