Dorset Homes & the Economy Conference

The conference will bring together a diverse range of speakers from private, public sector and academia to consider questions such….
  • How does housing affect productivity, recruitment and retention?
  • How do we build communities with suitable homes for all life stages?
  • What are the tools that we have or need to address these issues?

Tuesday 27th February, Bournemouth


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Maritime UK SW are planning the Ocean Tech Expo in Plymouth as an event which brings technology to bear on real life innovation challenges to ocean business with significant commercial and environmental benefits attached.

The event will focus on three broad ocean technology themes: clean maritime, data security, data collection and analysis.

26-27th June, Plymouth

Delivering for the UK’ Conference

Homes and the Economy
Bringing together leading national and regional figures, business leaders and investors, this conference will spotlight why the region matters in driving economic growth across the country, and the importance of its key sectors in energy, defence and food in powering national and international investment opportunities.

Friday 13th September, Exeter