Great South West’s Clean Energy Leaders: Fuelling the future with Langage Green Hydrogen

9 Langage Green Hydrogen

The Great South West is set to become one of the leading providers of low carbon energy in the UK by 2035. Our region’s unique offer of clean energy projects – 535 operational or in development – could generate 11% of the UK’s electricity capacity, helping to deliver the country’s net zero ambitions. In this series, we’re highlighting the fantastic work of some of these projects.

Langage Green Hydrogen is a pioneering project that harnesses renewable electricity to produce green hydrogen fuel for local businesses, particularly energy-intensive industries and transport fleets. The first of its kind in Devon and Cornwall, the Langage Energy Park, where the plant will be built, is part of the Plymouth & South Devon Freeport, further strengthening the region’s clean energy ambitions and role in the UK’s journey to becoming net zero by 2050.

The potential of this project is enormous, with an ultimate capacity of 30 – 40MW, which could decarbonise 12 million road miles travelled by HGVs and buses each year.

The partnership with Carlton Power has also allowed Langage to supply hydrogen fuel to international mining and materials companies Imerys and Sibelco, both with operations near the Langage site.

Eric Adams, Projects Director (Hydrogen) at Carlton Power: “Langage Green Hydrogen will be hugely significant for the Great South West’s transition to net zero. By producing green hydrogen from renewable sources, we can not only decarbonise industries but also support cleaner transportation and heat networks. 

“This reinforces our commitment to shaping a sustainable future, positioning the region as a clean energy powerhouse. Together with our partners, we are excited to be supporting the UK’s net zero ambitions while fostering economic growth and environmental stewardship within the community.”

What is green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is a crucial component of the UK’s journey to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. It utilises renewable electricity to power an electrolyser that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. The benefits of green hydrogen are threefold:

  1. Using low carbon electricity: The electrolysis process produces no greenhouse gas emissions, providing a cleaner alternative to carbon-intensive fuels.
  2. Decarbonising industry: Green hydrogen can replace natural gas and other fossil fuels in industrial processes. It also facilitates the transition to alternative energy sources in industrial equipment without costly modifications.
  3. Providing system flexibility: Green hydrogen allows excess renewable energy to be stored and distributed during periods of low electricity demand.

How will the plant support the Great South West’s clean energy ambitions?

Langage Green Hydrogen will provide cleaner energy for industrial facilities in Devon and Cornwall and encourage sectors which are difficult to decarbonise to transition away from fossil fuels. As capacity increases and hydrogen demand grows, Langage’s green hydrogen will also fuel heat networks and low carbon public transport in the region.

As the first of its kind in Devon and Cornwall, the project showcases the region’s commitment to embracing innovative clean energy technologies and positions it as a key player in the UK’s mission to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

How will Langage Green Hydrogen play a role in the UK’s transition to net zero?

The project not only supports the region’s transition but also aligns with the UK’s net zero targets, stimulating investment in renewable energy projects and greening the electricity grid. 

By utilising excess renewable energy and storing it as hydrogen, the plant ensures the efficient use of sustainable power sources and aids in balancing the grid during peak demand periods. As a result, Langage Green Hydrogen is actively supporting the UK’s transition to a net zero economy, facilitating the decarbonisation of industries and contributing to the broader national efforts in combating climate change.

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