Great South West’s Clean Energy Leaders: Harnessing the potential of offshore wind with Celtic Sea Power

12 Celtic Sea Power

The Great South West is set to become one of the leading providers of low carbon energy in the UK by 2035. Our region’s unique offer of clean energy projects – 535 operational or in development – could generate 11% of the UK’s electricity capacity, helping to deliver the country’s net zero ambitions. In this series, we’re highlighting the fantastic work of some of these projects.

Celtic Sea Power, operating as an arms’ length Cornwall Council owned company, is dedicated to maximising the economic potential of the Celtic Sea Floating Offshore Wind (FLOW) initiative, which has a potential Gross Value Added (GVA) benefit of up to £1.96 billion. FLOW in the Celtic Sea is the next frontier in the UK’s clean energy transition, positioned to unlock up to 4GW of power by 2035 – enough to power four million homes.

How does Celtic Sea Power’s work contribute to the UK’s net zero ambitions?

Celtic Sea Power has strategically coordinated the development of FLOW, paving the way for the region to actively contribute to achieving the UK’s net zero goals and driving the South West towards a net-zero economy. This approach not only enhances the region’s renewable energy capacity, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions, but also forms the basis of the ‘Celtic Sea FLOW Regional Strategy’. This strategy serves as a blueprint for achieving net zero and fostering productive collaboration, ensuring that specialisation leads to increased productivity, mutual benefits through trade, and a collective effort to combat climate change.

Matt Hodson, COO at Celtic Sea Power, said: “Our strategic focus on the FLOW initiative drives collaboration, accelerates renewable energy, and aligns with net zero goals. Through innovation and dedication, we’re not only shaping a sustainable future but also empowering local businesses and communities.”

How does Celtic Sea Power positively impact the local community and environment?

Celtic Sea Power’s commitment to accelerating industrialisation and FLOW technology development comes with a focus on environmental optimisation. Through ecosystem modelling and data-driven insights, they are ensuring the responsible growth of the renewable energy sector while safeguarding the marine environment. The formation of a cluster and strategic collaboration harnesses the potential of the region, expediting the consenting process for FLOW projects. This multipronged approach not only drives efficient progress but also bolsters local businesses, aligns workforce with future demands, and maximises local GVA while striving for net zero.

What’s next for Celtic Sea Power?

Looking ahead, Celtic Sea Power is poised to revolutionise marine mammal distribution data collection across the Celtic Sea. Employing advanced acoustic technology, credible modelling techniques, and comprehensive evidence gathering, their aim is to provide baseline data for ambient soundscapes and marine mammal vocalisations. This cutting-edge approach, combined with digital aerial and airborne LiDAR seabird surveys, is set to significantly expedite future FLOW consenting processes. By unifying leadership and advocating policy alignment, Celtic Sea power aims to streamline approval processes, influence national policies, and accelerate FLOW implementation, all while prioritising the marine environment.

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