Our Great South West


The Great South West economy is worth £64.4 billion - almost double the size of Greater Manchester or West Midlands.

We have major strengths and expertise in marine industries, photonics, environmental science, nuclear, aerospace (fixed-wing and rotary), advanced engineering, digital innovation, tourism, agritech, and food and drink production.

We are home to the largest infrastructure project in Europe at Hinkley Point, Europe’s first horizontal launch spaceport in Cornwall and in Dorset, one of the country’s leading centres for financial services.

Our business environment attracts inward investors from across the World, largely because of our industry-leading companies, great research capacity and a network of innovative supply chain companies.

We have world class natural capital - almost 700 miles of coastline, two national parks, and dozens of designated areas - attracting more visitors than anywhere outside London.


Currently not everywhere, or everyone, is connected to these opportunities. Productivity and workforce skill levels are lower than they should be and we have concentrations of urban, rural and coastal deprivation which contribute to a widening opportunity gap.

Our population is ageing faster than the UK as a whole, with some facing poverty and ill health. We lack the key infrastructure needed for continued economic success - a resilient road and rail network, universal fast broadband and an effective energy grid. In our dispersed communities there are generally fewer services, poorer wages and a lack of affordable housing.

Great South West Prospectus

The Great South West partners are publishing a local growth prospectus today (Monday, January 13) that aims to deliver £45 billion of economic benefit and 190,000 new jobs over the next 15 years.

The prospectus can be downloaded here

Great South West Flyer

The Great South West partners have produced this document, that provides a quick summary of our vision and ambition and gives a snapshot of the strengths of the region and our five key priorities.

Download the flyer here